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Let's cultivate


conversations on race rooted in compassion,

self-reflection, and

collective liberation

Hi, we're Kim & Corbin!

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We Help Cultivate Equitable Conversations on Race

Our Approach

By leading with empathy and compassion, we create spaces that invite us into the work of creating cultures of equity and inclusion that benefit all.

Our Approach

Why this work?

The call to build community compels humans to be intentional and strategic in the work to dismantle racism.


This process creates a foundation based on personal reflection that provides a foundation for growth in the areas of equity, cultural competency, and systemic change.


What does this look like?

The experienced facilitators will incorporate a variety of formats, including presentations, experiential activities, small group discussions and individual reflections in order to provide skills and tools that will encourage cross-cultural competency: the willingness and ability to shift perspectives and change behavior depending upon the cultural context.

The objective of this training is to increase cultural competency by becoming more self-aware of one’s own values leading to clearer understandings and insights of the values of others.


Increased awareness of self-identity and values— understanding ourselves as cultural beings

Tools gained to recognize and describe what happens cross- culturally in more objective ways— a common language

Engage in concepts for effective intercultural communication and interactions

Learn to practice ways to describe and move through confusion/frustration to understanding and curiosity

To understand ways cultural competence tools can be applied within communities

"I have truly enjoyed and appreciated the time and space that Uncommon Grace 360 has created at our school for our staff to reflect upon their identities and biases as well as to begin the in-depth process of realizing how our identities and biases effect our classroom practices and students lives. 


Through our all-staff professional development sessions this school year, I have come to the realization that this anti-racism work is going to be a long process and also that it is important for members outside our school community, like Uncommon Grace, to facilitate this work so they can push in ways that will create true and authentic growth. 


I get excited every time we get to have professional development session because I know I will be informed of new ways of thinking in order to shift my mindsets which will allow to become a better educator for each and every one of my students. 


Thank you Uncommon Grace for all of the work you have facilitated at our school!"



Senior Team Lead

Abraham Lincoln Denver Public Schools

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